Warehouse vs Distribution centres – Difference between them

Warehouse vs Distribution centres – Difference between them

Many logistics professionals use the term warehouse and distribution centres interchangeably. Some even say there is no difference between warehouse and distribution centres. They might look the same from outside, but when it comes to their internal operations and responsibilities they are required to fulfil, there is a vast difference between them. You might be confused about whether you need a warehouse or a distribution centre. Through this article, you can find the difference and make your choice.

What is the warehouse?

A warehouse denotes to a commercial building that is useful in storing goods. They are generally used by manufacturers, exporters, importers, wholesalers and some transport businessman. They are meant only for storage.

What is the distribution centre?

Distribution centre refers to a specialized building that is well designed to hold products for retailers and distributors so that it can be redistributed to another location or directly to the customers. They play an integral role in fulfilling the order process, especially for online retailers and e-commerce businesses.


Here are the difference between a warehouse and a distribution centre:

  • The warehouse is useful only in the storage of products whereas distribution centers offer services like product mixing, the fulfillment of an order, packaging, cross-docking apart from storage function.
  • Distribution centre stores goods for a lesser period of time than warehouse because the flow velocity of the distribution centre is more than a warehouse.
  • A distributor centre acts as a bridge between a supplier and a customer whereas the role of the warehouse is just to store goods.
  • A warehouse does not serve external customers whereas the distribution centre does moreover the operations at the distribution centre are much complex than a warehouse.

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