Shristinagar Asansol – A better choice over other townships

Shristinagar Asansol – A better choice over other townships

We consider many factors when we think about a new destination to call home, be it for entering a new workforce, considering a career change, job transfer, wanting to be closer to our family or want a change of surroundings. Investing in a new house or apartment becomes one of the most important decisions of life to be taken. Years of planning and savings are required to buy a new flat and a lot of things are to be considered while buying a flat in a township.

If you are thinking of residential house buy in Asansol or buying a flat in Asansol, Shristinagar Asansol is the best available option for you. This is the first integrated green township project in Asansol. It can accommodate 5000 families in residential apartments, group housing, bungalows, row houses and independent plots.

Shristinagar Asansol is the best choice overall townships because of the amenities it provides and its features. You get your best houses at affordable pricing, which is a very important factor to be considered. You will get your own uniquely designed homes with accessibility to every ultra modern feature of the townships. Your rooms will be designed aesthetically with sufficient breathing space. Shristinagar asansol ensures that you will have a lifetime enjoyment along with proper safety and secured life.

You can also opt for residential bungalows at Shristinagar Asansol. You will get world class duplex homes with proper maintenance and security. You will have reserved open and green spaces to ensure that there are proper circulation and natural purification of air. Schools, hospitals and entertainment facilities are easily accessible from the space.  

With so many amenities and safety, Shristinagar Asansol becomes the best option for you to have your residential houses there.

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