Bengal Shristi Infrastructure Development Ltd. is an Infrastructure Development Company, promoted jointly by Asansol Durgapur Development Authority (Govt. of West Bengal) and Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd., in line with the approved Government model for Public Private Partnership.


Quality Infrastructure

Bengal Shristi has taken the initiative, utilising the resources of ADDA and that of Shristi to create quality infrastructure in South Bengal.

Quality Urbanized Environment

The region is now witnessing a rapid pace of urbanisation with ever growing demand for planned housing and quality urbanised environment.

Prove its Expertise

Be it a Shopping Mall, a Highway Hub, a Lifestyle Apartment or an Integrated Township, Bengal Shristi has been able to prove its expertise.

Redefining the Image

The process of redefining the image of the region into a multifaceted region, with a focus on Infrastructure, Integrated Townships, Mixed Use Developments and other diversified projects.

Chairman’s Message

“Shristi has deep rooted foundations, based on which it continues to grow by integrating wisdom and modern innovations of technology. In the process we focus on creating new age urban and social infrastructure to develop a roadmap for the future development of India based on the philosophy.”

Braja Behari Mahapatra