The top 10 characteristics of an ideal warehouse

The top 10 characteristics of an ideal warehouse

Warehouses are one of the behind the scenes essentials required for training. Lack of properly managed warehouse leads to dysfunction of the entire supply chain. Here are ten specific features of a warehouse it should have to perform effectively.

  1. The warehouse location should be suitable and convenient. It must be near to the source of production or market area which helps in reducing transportation costs.
  2. The warehouse should be designed in a way that fits the needs of the product. For example, perishable goods like milk should have refrigerator services.
  3. An effective warehouse is equipped with machinery for easier handling of goods. To deal with bulky goods, cranes must be present to carry them.
  4. A warehouse must be fitted with equipment to deal with emergencies. Workers safety must be given priority.
  5. A warehouse should be located in a place that is easily accessible by anyone who uses it. It is no sense of locating the warehouse in a remote area.
  6. A warehouse should be located in a place that has good infrastructure. Roads and communication lines will help in easy transportation of goods and encourage business operations
  7. A warehouse must be spacious for the easy in and out the movement of goods.
  8. Workers in the warehouse must be well trained so that the operations of the warehouse run smoothly.
  9. It should have an effective record keeping system in place to account for the operations.
  10.  A warehouse must be operated within the limits of the law. It should not contain any illegal items.

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