Choosing the right space for your retail outlet

Choosing the right space for your retail outlet

Retail space has its own unique set of rules, unlike commercial real estates. Like other types of spaces that require to serve internal purposes, your retail spaces need to make the outsiders and customers happy, which means you need to take into account a whole different metrics.

Traffic counts

Traffic count will give you a quick understanding of all potential shoppers that pass by your outlet, and for most of the retail spaces, it is not that easy to have many potential customers unless traffic has good accessibility to the property.


This measures how easily shoppers can get into your store. Accessibility is important because shoppers are generally lazy and they go to the outlet that can be reached with great convenience at a given price level and fair quality.

Shape and Frontage

The right shape of the retail shop can help you increase your sales. People generally judge your store based on what they can see from windows without even entering inside. That is the reason wider retail spaces have higher sales than a deeper one.


Your co-tenants can also be of great help in driving traffic to your space. An ideal center will offer you a complementary mix of tenants which will help in feeding business to each other.


You must compare the occupancy costs before determining which sites are best. Occupancy cost is an expense that helps in driving sales. So, you must see how much of your sales cost you.

These are some of the factors that will help you get the best retail space. If you are looking for a shop for rent in Asansol, Bengal Shristi offers you shop for sale in Asansol at Sentrum Mall Asansol. This site satisfies all the criteria for being the perfect location for your retail outlet.

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