Township or Standalone flat – Which is better to reside in?

Township or Standalone flat – Which is better to reside in?

Purchasing a house is a future investment and property decision which does not only depends on the size of the living facility but other elements like budget, location, security, amenities, convenience, etc. Further, the decision one takes depends on their priority aspects. The aspects they compromise and prioritize leads to deciding on which to buy – township or flat in a standalone building. Each has its own advantages and it completely depends on the person’s choice.

Townships are generally preferred by families, as they are offered a wide range of amenities and green spaces. In fact, family members can engage themselves in different kinds of activities as well as the company. Generally, townships include schools, malls, hospitals, movie theatres, clubs, etc. You get a better sense of security and safety. The downside is that townships are made in large tracts of land, so they are generally located far from the city centre, which creates extra time in travelling. Also, the maintenance cost is more in a township which can put a strain on monthly cash flows.

The standalone building has the benefit that you can get your house as per your location. They are within the limits of the city which makes accessibility easier. You have to pay a lower maintenance cost. The downside is you get lesser amenities and less open spaces. There is a lack of sporting and social activities around.

Finally, the decision is on a person and pricing and investment is an important angle to choose.

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