GST foundation status props up warehousing reality development

GST foundation status props up warehousing reality development

Goods and services tax implementation on the Indian warehousing sector has made important shifts in this sector. The smaller and divided warehouses are getting merged into concentrated warehousing centre points and expanding centers on the efficiencies of the supply chain.

During 2014-2016, the supply of warehousing clocked CAGR of 15%. But after the GST implementation, it has become CAGR of 21%. This is for Grade A for stock projections of warehouses during the years 2017 to 2021 in the top eight cities of India. (Source: Economic Times)

According to a report by KPMG, there has been over $3 billion investment made in warehousing in the last 4 years. This turned out as approximately 26% of total private equity investment in this area.

In 2017, there was an expansion of 85% in the transaction volumes of warehouses that too in India’s best urban regions like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata

Rapid consumption of e-commerce business and fast delivery led to an increase in demand for warehouses functioning organised. This increasing need for organized and well-maintained warehouses in urban and semi-urban areas, the various product segments are going to be the reason for more and more increase in demand for warehousing spaces.

As a matter of fact, auto and auto ancillary, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors are also contributing to the demand for warehousing spaces.

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