Benefits of taking a shop on lease

Benefits of taking a shop on lease

There are many small businesses that dream of owning shops of their own; much savviest business chooses to take it on lease. When you opt to stay as tenants that don’t reduce your upfront costs. If you are confused between renting and owning, here are some reasons why you should opt for rent:

Reduced move in cost

Moving to a rented space is generally less expensive than buying it. Leasing just requires a security deposit and payment of the rent whereas purchase requires many expenses.

Reduced capital expenditure liability

When you lease a commercial space, you don’t have to stay if it starts to approach the end of its life. When you own a space you have to reinvest to prevent its ageing and obsolescence. With rented property, you can move to a better place when the lease expires.

Greater flexibility

Leasing a space provides you with greater flexibility as every time the lease expires you can move to the newer and better property if your needs change. You can also get the lease renewed by the landlord with the pre-negotiated rent.

Cleaner balance sheets

When you take a commercial space for rent, it is generally an off-balance sheet transaction. Every month, you just have to show the expense for the rent it pays and your assets and liabilities has no impact.

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