Answers to some frequently asked questions for first-time property buyers

Answers to some frequently asked questions for first-time property buyers

If you are going to be a first-time property owner and are looking for a flat in Asansol, you must be really thrilled and excited to take this next step in your life. However, there must also be tons of questions going through your mind right now. To put your mind at ease and help you become a successful property owner, we have answered a few FAQs below.

What are the things that a first-time property buyer must know?

While you may have decided to buy a property or flat in Asansol, finding the right one can be a bit tough, especially if you do not know the right things. Hence, before investing in a property, know your needs and requirements, define your budget, choose the right location, and check your credit score and the credibility of the builders.

What are the final things to check before signing the contract?

You may have found a property that satisfies all your criteria. However, there are still some things you must look into. The three main things to go through for one last time are the final price of the property, the buyer-builder agreement, and the appropriate approvals and licenses of the builder.

What are the documents you require for getting a home loan?

The documents you would need to present while buying a property and applying for a home loan are sales deed, building approval plan, commencement certificate, khata certificate and extract, encumbrance certificate, recent tax receipts, completion certificate, occupancy certificate, NOC, allotment letter, photo identity, proof of age/residence, employer identity card, bank account statement, previous loan statement, salary slip, and Form 16 copies.

If you are looking for a flat for sale in Asansol and want the process to be as smooth as possible, contact us at Bengal Shristi. We will help you out throughout the entire procedure and make your first-time property buying experience a pleasant and memorable one.

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